Hi, my name is Daniel Filho

I am a web developer and engineering manager working with the web since 1998, currently living in Berlin since 2016.

I have helped for successful companies such as Kaufland, Vay, Adjust, N26, Marley Spoon, SpreeCommerce, MakeMe, Netshoes, UOL, and many others.

You can read my Blog and also find my complete professional background and experience on my Linkedin.

In 2012, I started a podcast in Portuguese focused on web development and community called ZOFE that lasted until 2021. You can find more at zofe.com.br (now, it's a Mastodon instance) but currently I co-host a podcast called ESPONES (Especialistas de Porcaria Nenhuma) with some friends.

I'm a home barista, and on my free time I enjoy playing PC games and building custom mechanical keyboards and FPV quadcopters from scratch. I also just started on the 3D printing world and I've been enjoying a lot so far :)