Learn more about myself and my background.

Daniel Filho wearing a brown hat, focused during UI5 Conf 2023


I was born in a small brazilian town. Around 2010 I moved to São Paulo and started working with the most important online content providers on the country, like UOL, R7 and iG. Then, in 2013 I joined an e-commerce that, by the time, was the world leading sports goods platform, building the first internal team focusing on User Experience, at Netshoes.

In 2016 I moved to Berlin, where I'm based currently. Aber mein Deutsch ist kapput!

Here, I've worked for companies like Marley Spoon, N26, Kaufland E-commerce, Adjust, and others.


I started studying Computer Science, but I dropped. Although I have completed the "Data Process" technical high school in Brazil, in 2001.


I like to think I adapt in an easy way. Whenever I'm challenged, I try my best to learn and execute it. I have been a frontend, backend, and full stack developer. I have been in technical leadership for 9 years. Had an experience as Engineering Manager and I believe this is the path I want for my career.

Professional Timeline

  1. 2024

  2. Natuvion

    Senior Cloud Developer

  3. Kaufland E-Commerce

    Frontend Architect

  4. Vay

    Senior Frontend Developer

  5. Adjust

    Engineering Manager

    Tech Lead

    Frontend Developer

  6. Fliit

    Lead Frontend Developer

  7. N26

    Frontend Developer

  8. Marley Spoon

    Lead Frontend Developer

  9. Spree Commerce

    Application Developer

  10. Netshoes

    Lead Developer

  11. iG

    Frontend Specialist

  12. MakeMe

    Frontend Developer

  13. R7

    Senior Frontend Developer

  14. UOL

    Frontend Developer

    Junior Frontend Developer

  15. 2007…