Learn more about myself and my background.

Daniel Filho playing ping pong on a gray hoodie and cycling cap. Credit: Rodrigo Gliese


I was born in a small brazilian town. Around 2010 I moved to São Paulo and started working with the most important online content providers on the country, like UOL, R7 and iG. Then, in 2013 I joined an e-commerce that, by the time, was the world leading sports goods platform, building the first internal team focusing on User Experience, at Netshoes.

In 2016 I moved to Berlin, where I'm based currently. Aber mein Deutsch ist kapput!

Here, I've worked for companies like Marley Spoon, N26, Kaufland E-commerce, Adjust, and others.


I started studying Computer Science, but I dropped. Although I have completed the "Data Process" technical high school in Brazil, in 2001.


I like to think I adapt in an easy way. Whenever I'm challenged, I try my best to learn and execute it. I have been a frontend, backend, and full stack developer. I have been in technical leadership for 8 years. Had an experience as Engineering Manager and I believe this is the path I want for my career.